Wageningen Career Support is for people in scientific research at a university and in industry.

For PhD students, Postdocs, associate professors, other research staff and research assistants. And also for employees in support departments, e.g. a secretariat or a library.

For whom >

Wageningen Career Support offers support in your career:

  • when you want to develop yourself properly in your current job. You can think of personal skills and a professional attitude in order to function well, be effective and enjoy your work;
  • when you are looking for new options in the job market. For instance towards the end of your contract, when you start applying for a new position. Or when you have the feeling that you are not in the right place and you want to find out which kind of function would suit you better.

What >

Wageningen Career Support is for people of all nationalities, employed in the Netherlands.

Whether you are from the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, India, China, South Africa or Colombia – everybody is welcome. The language of communication is Dutch or English.

Dutch >

Are you an expat and do you wish to return to the Netherlands?

Then you can also turn to Wageningen Career Support. Skype conversations, complemented by e-mail communication, offer a good alternative for the common one-to-one conversations.

Expats >


“My advice to others? I would say: you should see it as an opportunity if your job comes to an end. There are many options outside the university. I would probably not (yet) have taken this step by myself. But I am enjoying my new work tremendously now!”

Associate Professor, made the switch to business  



Carolien Huisinga

E carolien@wageningencareersupport.nl
T +31 (0)6 29 01 55 66
A Sprengerlaan 17, 6703GA Wageningen, NL

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