Are you an employer? And do you have an employee who can use some help:

  • to function better in his job?
  • to find a different job within a realistic time frame?

With Wageningen Career Support you will get 15 years of experience in the guidance of researchers at Wageningen University, of all nationalities.
I know what is at stake for PhD students, Postdocs, associate professors, research assistants and other research-related functions.
I graduated from Wageningen University and worked in my field of study, both at home and abroad. Many of my candidates appreciate that. I was prepared to do a doctorate research and made a preliminary study, but then decided that work closer to practice suits me more. I like efficient interaction and visible results. If anything is unclear, I like consulting by e-mail, by phone or in person. In view of a good cooperation, I appreciate receiving your questions and ideas. On the other hand, I will take the initiative for consultation if I feel the need for candidate or organization. I highly value the confidential role towards my candidates, your employees. Furthermore I have become increasingly aware of my role with regard to the organisation; by consultation and cooperation we will achieve the best results.
On the page “for whom”, employees can read in which situation I can offer support, by type of function and which product I may use.


Do you have a different question you hope I can help you with? I would like to deliberate about that with you in order to develop a new product.

I always have an intake session with the candidate and will give you feedback information in the form of a plan of approach, after consultation with the candidate. I make concise progress reports with which you, as the employer, can follow the process. Depending on the question and the agreement, I can provide you with substantial reports and incorporate multilateral progress meetings, with e.g. you and/or the candidates superior involved.
Would you like to meet me in person first? I will be happy to drop by!

“Whenever something like this comes up again, I know how to contact you. Our PhD student is still on board and writing her first article(s) – largely thanks to your coaching.”

Supervisor about PhD student who felt stagnated 

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