Wageningen Career Support guides Postdocs and Associate Professors in the hectics of their lives.
Perhaps you combine a demanding job with a young family, and so does your partner. At work your responsibilities are increasing. You try your very best to keep the monkey off your shoulder. You feel a great need for focus and concentration, but how to accomplish this? Your management tasks are increasing. You feel the pressure to publish. Developing your own line of research takes a lot of energy. You want to pay attention to seeking collaboration, building a network with other researchers, raising your profile e.g. during conferences. It is important to secure research funds, write research proposals, put effort in the acquisition of projects. You wonder how you divide your time, deal with deadlines, focus and concentration, time management, pro-activeness, “publish or perish”. In coaching sessions I can help you with insight and overview, approach and priorities.

New options

As a Postdoc you will inevitably encounter the end date of a contract. Where do you go from here? Continue in science, go to an institution, into business, education or to the government? Opt for a position abroad? You will welcome the chance to have someone as a sounding board or sparring partner. Someone who understands what’s going on and who will help you to put things into perspective: your experience, your qualities, what you really enjoy in work and what challenge to take. WW-guidance or otherwise Career guidance may be applicable in your situation.

You are an associate professor and you notice that you are ready for a new development in your career. Tenure track is not an option. Where do you go from here? Where else in the job market would there be a place for you? Which type of function suits you? I can be your sparring partner in this respect. I will help you to put things in perspective: your experience, your qualities, what you really like in work and what challenge to take. With career guidance we will look for the new perspective. With outplacement I will guide you from job to job.

Has your contract not yet expired, but do you have a strong feeling that you have not settled yet in your career? Do not let that weigh on your mind for long. Work is too important to be unhappy with. Both for yourself and for your employer it is important that a solution will come up. Maybe it is time for a training or course, be it subject-oriented or about personal development. Maybe coaching is the answer. Or a change of position, in a new environment. Maybe you are really ready to change course and you want to find out what would suit you better. Your employer will be willing to offer you support in this matter. So do not hesitate to discuss it. The Career Check helps to provide answers to these questions. Career guidance can also be a suitable tool.

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