Wageningen Career Support guides research assistants to handle the appeal that is made to them in a more and more demanding environment. You may have worked in the same lab for several years and have become a specialist in certain techniques. In the course of time you find pressure at your work is increasing. Researchers are coming and going. An appeal is being made to you in varied ways. You organise the lab, carry out important experiments and co-write publications. You may feel the stress of the researchers, which they put on your plate. As if you could be available all the time! You want to get that monkey off your shoulder. How do you deal with that in a cooperative and helpful way? You can use some help with work planning, managing your own work and time, saying ‘no’, and handling deadlines. With coaching I can guide you to better deal with these issues.

New options

In my work with research assistants I often encounter this kind of questions: Do I still like my job? How do I make work attractive (again) for myself? Do I want to do something else? How to act?
Do you have a strong feeling that you are not settled in your present position? Do not let that weigh on your mind for long. Work is too important to be unhappy with. Both for yourself and for your employer it is important that a solution will come up. Maybe it is time for a training or course, be it subject-oriented or about personal development. Maybe coaching is the answer. Or a change of position, in a new environment. Maybe you are really ready to change course and you want to find out what would suit you better. Your employer will be willing to offer you support in this matter. So do not hesitate to discuss it. The Career Check will help to provide answers to these questions. Career guidance can also be a suitable tool.

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