“Thanks an awful lot. Our sessions and the assignments have helped me to better enter my job interviews, and I am convinced that this has led to the success I have now! I am very happy with this job because it suits me perfectly.”
– Michiel, Postdoc –

“My advice to others? I would say: you should see it as an opportunity if your job comes to an end. There are many options outside the university. I would probably not (yet) have taken this step by myself. But I am enjoying my new work tremendously now!”
– Associate Professor, switched to business –

“Whenever something like this comes up again, I know how to contact you. Our PhD student is still on board and writing her first article(s) – largely thanks to your coaching.”
– Supervisor about PhD student who felt stagnated –

“It was a very positive experience. Very soon I go things back into perspective. Carolien put structure and content in my process. It was inspiring to do this self-analysis / self-assessment. And I got a lot of compliments. That confirmation did me a world of good in a period of great uncertainty involved in my departure.”
– Associate Professor, switched to consultancy –

“I would like to have a similar guidance as the one you gave to my colleague. She got exactly the kind of support she needed; and the self-confidence to focus on the type of job she really likes most. She is settled now.”
– PhD student, during intake session –

“Dear Carolien, thank you very much indeed! The coaching sessions have helped me to communicate more effectively with my supervisors and colleagues. I realized that expressing my opinion is crucial for my personal and professional development.”
– José, postdoc –

“It was a great experience and beyond expectations. It was exactly what I needed at that moment in my life. It enabled me to take the lead, not only at work, but also in my life.”
– M., PhD. –

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