Is your career developing well? Are you on the right track? Are you still able to develop yourself? Are you in the right place? Would you rather take another direction?  

These are the principle questions I will ask you in a Career Check.

A Career Check can be seen as a tool to determine where you are in your career now. Is it time for a change? A next step? Are there any bottlenecks? What are your wishes for personal development?

It is a short but intensive investigation in which we will jointly map relevant elements from your current work situation and from you as a person. And it will provide an insight into the question whether follow-up steps are desirable for you. I will help you to define and take these follow-up steps or make agreements with your employer about this.

Examples of follow-up steps:

  • Drawing up and carrying out an action plan with personal career goals, and making agreements with your superior about this plan;
  • Following a subject-oriented course;
  • Developing personal skills by means of coaching;
  • Drawing up a plan to develop towards a different position.

What is the procedure:

  • A short intake and introduction in order to determine which elements will be investigated;
  • 3 longer sessions (approx. 1,5 hours) in which we will discuss your actions and the insights acquired;
  • A written summary and conclusion for the HRM adviser and/or superior;
  • You will discuss the outcome with the HRM adviser and/or supervisor and make agreements for the follow-up. If desired, we can agree that I will be present at this meeting as a coach.

For you, it is important that your job remains enjoyable, that you can do what you are good at, and that you keep developing. Sometimes it is good to reflect first, and then act accordingly. Actually, people who are employed in organisations change continually, not only by training, but also by their increasing experience and depending on their talents and personality. For the organisation it is essential to know its existing human capital in order to use this in the best possible way and to be able to develop in the right direction.

The Career Check will help to acquire this insight.

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