In the case of outplacement you receive guidance from job to job. Contrary to PhD students and Postdocs, who know from the start when their project and employment will end, there are many appointments of which the end date is not clear. When it turns out that your employment cannot be continued, you feel more or less taken by surprise. Perhaps you had counted on continuation, extension or a subsidy for a project. You had not anticipated that a policy choice would be made, resulting in the termination of your function or line of research.

This may hit you hard. A totally new situation arises. You have to start looking for a new perspective, maybe inside but most likely outside the organisation. Mixed feelings may come up like distress – ‘I am not allowed to stay’-, uncertainty – ‘I have not performed well enough’-, anger or frustration, and mostly after some time the feeling of a new energy – ‘this is an opportunity to start something different’-. Sometimes a loyalty dilemma may arise. After all, you are still at work, and very often a lot of work is left to be done. Colleagues may experience disbelief. Incomprehension and confusion may prevail, both with you and the people around you.

Outplacement means guidance in this process, with its emotions, having to say good-bye, a new perspective, networking and job applications, and possibly coaching in the starting period of your new job.

Outplacement guidance is tailor-made. On the basis of an intake session we will jointly draw up a plan of approach, which will further be determined in a meeting together with your employer.

“It was a very positive experience. Very soon I got things back into perspective. Carolien put structure and content in my process. It was inspiring to do this self-analysis. And I got a lot of compliments. That confirmation did me a world of good in a period of great uncertainty involved in my departure.”

Associate Professor, made the switch to consultancy

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