The term WW-guidance has come into use for situations in which you as an employee have a fixed-term contract and towards the end date you have not found a new job yet and you are entitled to an unemployment benefit according to the Dutch Unemployment Insurance Act (WW).

This is especially the case with PhD students and Postdocs. You are nearing the end of your contract, but there is still a lot of work to be done, you have data to be analysed, publications to be written. Your PhD thesis is not yet finished or you are ‘waiting’ for the results of a grant application for further research. You do feel the urgency to go and look for another job, but it seems that time is lacking and your mind is not yet ready for it.

Exactly in these situations it is important that you are stimulated to start thinking about the next career step, use networking moments and actively apply for a job.

The objective is that your career is continued in a proper and realistic way – with a perspective – and that your period of WW will be confined within reasonable bounds.

WW-guidance usually comprises 6 to 8 sessions of 1 – 1,5 hours.

The duration is approx. 6 months.

The first step is an intake session, in which the objectives and method of working will be jointly determined.

Your employer will receive concise progress reports in order to be able to follow the process.

“Thanks an awful lot. Our sessions and the assignments have helped me to better enter my job interviews, and I am convinced that this has led to the success I have now! I am very happy with this job because it suits me perfectly.”

Michiel, Postdoc

“I would like to have a similar guidance as you did with my colleague. She got exactly the kind of support she needed; and the self-confidence to focus on the type of job she really likes most. She is settled now.”

PhD student, during intake session

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